AEM Infinity 710 Standalone ECU (Nissan 350Z/G35)

AEM Infinity Plug N Play EMS

The Infinity ECU delivers state of the art engine control for the racing masses at a fraction of the cost of comparable high end systems. Built around a latest generation 200MHz automotive processor, the Infinity is capable of processing 400 MIPS (millions of Instructions per second). The Infinity ECU is available in configurations to support four- to 12- cylinder engines. The Infinity’s airflow-based, volumetric efficiency (VE) tuning models simplify start up and speed up the tuning process by eliminating many of the lookup and trim tables (Correction Tables) necessary in previous generation ECUs. Combined with AEM’s industry leading after-purchase support system, including free technical support, the Infinity is the ultimate engine control solution for both professional race teams and weekend track cars.

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